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        Category: Graphic Design

        juin 17

        Quick Update

        I've been pretty busy with work lately, didn't make anything with this blog for a while. I should change that. So here is what I've been up to. I change the visual identity of my t-shirt line, call...
        juillet 24

        Long time no see.

        It has been a while I haven't been writing here. I guess I was busy working. I still managed to do a few thing. I continued to do a lot of photography (I'll upload pictures some day, but you can check...
        juillet 28

        å / bike polo

        Dans mon trip de creation d'illustration pour t-shirt, je me suis amusé à détruire gentiment une de mes photos de bike polo. Le résultat final donne ça: Et le t-shirt ressemble à ça
        juin 19

        a is o

        Salut les amis, Je vends quelques t-shirt sur D'autres à venir plus tard... Jettez y donc un oeil ! Hi folks,    I am now selling some t-shirt on h...